January 21, 2009

Just Do It

"the most important rule of business in today’s integrated and digitized global market, where knowledge and innovation tools are so widely distributed. It’s this: Whatever can be done, will be done. The only question is will it be done by you or to you. Just don’t think it won’t be done. If you have an idea in Detroit or Tennessee, promise me that you’ll pursue it, because someone in Denmark or Tel Aviv will do so a second later." Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, December 10, 2008

I read this and was inspired to set my 2009 goals accordingly.

This year I have two overall themes: turning up the volume and having fun - in business and in life.

Now, I'll translate those themes into solid goals and measures and get into action.

What is your 2009 going to be about?
What will you achieve this year?
What ideas have you been sitting on that you can act upon? NOW!

Have fun!

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