February 19, 2009

Blind Faith

As I was driving my daughter to the bus this morning, we turned into a road that was flooded with sunlight, completely blinding me. Having forgotten my sunglasses, I was left having to focus on a very small spot directly in front of the car, with blind faith that we’d make it up the hill without incident. One thing I realised I was absolutely crystal clear about – the bus stop would be there when we arrived.

Of course we made it and reached the bus stop a few minutes later. Yes, it was there.

What if we worked towards all our goals with the same blind faith?

Achieving goals is exactly like driving a car in blinding sun, or in the pitch black. We don’t see our destination when we set out. We just assume it’ll be there. Have you ever set out for the shops with a concern they won’t be there?

If we focus on the immediate challenges at hand, with clear faith we’ll reach our destination, we usually make it there. Roadblocks occur, but we deal with them and move on.

How will faith impact your actions? How does it alter your relationship to setbacks?

Try it on and see what miracles happen.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Lisa this is such a huge thing you have raised! If our goals were as solid as the shops, we would laugh in the face of doubt, even while accepting doubt is human.
    I see this with smokers all the time, the most common fear is that they will fail again. I often put energy into that wonderful question, "How would you feel if you knew you couldn't fail?" ......just like going to the shops.
    When we hold our intention solid, not only does it unfold, but I find everything that happens, even the roadblocks, are useful in some way, and I dare to imagine, perhaps even Essential to deliver the goal. Thankyou for making this important concept so simple!