March 10, 2009

Good News

Following a conversation in my Master Class about the media’s role in eroding consumer and business confidence, I surfed the web for random stories from a variety of news sources. Google gave me access to 4,500 journals.

Leaving aside the non-English sources, much of what was reported ranged from the depressing (Women’s jobs are disappearing on Wall Street -Forbes) to the ridiculous (body odor being considered for ID by the US Department of Homeland Security - Washington Times).

How much of the news really contributes to your daily productivity, success and peace of mind?

I’m up for a thrival mentality. How about you? it's not about ignoring what's happening, just finding a balance of perspective.

I'd like to hear the stories of businesses and people succeeding, expanding, generating jobs and opportunities. Send them to me by email, or, even better, post a response to this blog so others can see them as well.

I’ll kick things off. It took some digging, but I found a great story (parents, you’ll love this) courtesy of Forbes, on how six kids made a million dollars before their 20th birthday.

Let’s hear more!

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  1. Dear Lisa and all those in Lisa’s world

    To Recover, Heal and Thrive Financially Post-Financial Market Collapse.

    A thriving mentality is what is required.

    I have found that if you are in a position of Leadership in either your career or family life then it is your responsibility to take control of your mind's perspective and think in a way that encourages and allows the flow of money, wealth and therefore security and well-being back into the economy and into every day life. The money in truth has not disappeared for money is a stream of energy here to support us in quite a rich and prosperous way, if we would only allow it to do so. It is the limited thinking surrounding money causes most to believe that there is 'Not Enough', no matter how much they may have amassed or would of liked to have amassed. The money stream is 100 percent available, 24/7 to access. So as Leaders we need to encourage ourselves first and then live by example in our thoughts and actions to show others there is actually nothing to be afraid of. In truth everyone has the capacity to be totally taken care of on the earth plain. There is more than enough for everyone, if we would only believe it! I do and WOW, the financial market crash has not impacted me at all! I believe that “I am totally taken care of, that all my needs are met on every possible level, that life works for me, that everything comes to be in the perfect time space sequence, so nothing is lost or missing, that all the money in the world is mine, it all comes to me, everyone and everything supports me to be me, I receive everything for free, it is all perfect, I am perfect, life is perfect”. As I think, so is my life. For from my mind-set does my life reflect this truth increasingly so. So in reflection all is well for me and I am taken care of. My business has thrived since the financial market crash, why because I chose to think in a way that would help myself, therefore support my family and enable me to lead others (which I do in my work) to a safer and more prosperous place. So as I win everyone in my circle wins. So as I receive I give. For I have something of value to give, once I have received. So I wanted to share this with you! Blessings to all,

    Joanne M Prior
    Core Essence Healing