June 16, 2009

Let Go and Believe

I recently attended a training, which ended in board break. What a great lesson in resilience, faith and details. I learned that breaking a board has nothing to do with power, strength or force. It has to do with belief.

Much like succeeding in business or anything else in life. It is your belief that breaks the board. Trust me - I learned this first hand.

I also learned that being a black belt in karate amounts to nothing without the belief that I could break the board. AND, it’s the details that matter.

For instance, the detail of where to place my leg really mattered when it nudged the cinderblock ever so slightly into the path of my hand as it came down. I may have had faith in breaking the board, but not the block.

While my hand didn’t break, my faith did. I then had a choice; I could go home that night without breaking a board or try again.

These past few months have left a number of businesses bruised and bloodied because they’ve failed to notice the details when times were good and hit the wrong mark. Many are turning turtle and working hard to survive - their faith rocked.

Remember, it’s the faith that moves you past the fear to take risks. It’s the wisdom that has you notice the details that really matter and it’s the resilience that enables you to weather the storms long enough to move towards the sun.

I could have walked away that night with full justification. I was totally depleted, bloodied and sore beyond belief. Plus, uncertain whether my hand was broken or not.

That board was no match for my faith - like slicing air.

It is easier to succeed then to fail. Just let go and believe.

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