July 15, 2009

Being Loved

We were recently in the US and indulged in the prerequisite visit to FAO Schwartz (what was once known as the best toy store in the world). In the plaza outside was a mass of people waiting to buy the new iPhone.

Witness the power of a Lovemark. Beyond a brand is how your market responds to your business, product or service.

Apple’s products do not attract loyal customers or even raving fans. They attract cult-like devotion. They’ve cornered the market on IT Cool and no one comes close.

Lovemarks work because they tap into emotions – the source of decision making in business and life. Interest people and you have their attention for a moment, satisfy your customers and they’ll come back for more. Earn their love and devotion, and they’ll do anything to keep you around, tell everyone they know and start a Tsunami of sales.

Lovemarks are an essential part of Peak Performance. People bring their best to what they love to do. We’ve seen the results with our clients when we bring this methodology to their business. The impact is profound.

Results go up dramatically (30-70% increase in critical KPI’s), people and teams work better and stick around longer.

How do you think people would react if Apple stopped selling their products?

If you pulled out of your market, what would your customers do?

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