August 7, 2009

The Magic of The Perfect Team

We recently saw the Sydney Theatre Production of "Poor Boy", about two families dealing with tragedy. Although there were some gaps in the writing, we thoroughly enjoyed the play.

It wasn't until the curtain call that the source of our enjoyment presented itself. The actors were having a great time together. I never thought actors would enjoy playing angst-ridden dramas, but this team really had a blast. they looked after each other, particularly the seven year old star, played off each other brilliantly and created an event with the audience that reached into our hearts, minds and souls.

Witness the magic of a perfect team of aligned inspirational players. when the vision, game and plan come together inside the context of a common dream, people give their all and leave behind the negative conversations that often derail the best-laid plans.

While often referred to as a "soft" issue, culture has more of a hard impact on an organisation's ability to achieve than any meticulously planned strategy. Culture enables plans to proceed with ease and grace, or die fast.

Since culture exists in our blind spots, how do we "see" it?

* Get a reality check on the successful implementation of initiatives to the fullest extent. Are you achieving everything you said you would?

* Check out employee satisfaction. Who looks forward to Monday? (Did you laugh at this question?)

* Gauge the level of individual employee ownership of the total business results. Whose business is this - yours or theirs?

Happy, aligned, and inspired people get things done, come up with innovative ideas and naturally look out for the best interests in the company.

How’s it tracking at your place?

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