October 13, 2009

Pushing Buttons

It's been a hectic month for me, most recently due to some fairly intense training I'm participating in. Since 1994, I have been in some form of training, either delivering or participating in, around leadership and performance.

This one really knocks my socks off. Yesterday, we did an exercise designed to remove any negative triggers while public speaking. It's something I recommend to anyone who ever gets annoyed, rattled, triggered or in any way unsettled.

What pushes your buttons at work or home? What behaviours by others can either mildly annoy you or really send you over the edge?

Consider this: people are just your projections. Their behaviours and actions show up a certain way around you simply because that is how you view them. it's not because that is who they are and the whole world will see this. Trust me, if that were so, everyone would want to be married to your partner. (If you're currently not happy with them, remember when you were.)

The ones you can't tolerate simply are displaying an aspect of yourself that you don't want to acknowledge exists.

So, if you are a highly productive person, always on the go and are completely intolerant of anyone you perceive as lazy. It's a bit of you showing up. If you are really efficient and hate people who are time poor...

This one is my favourite. Anyone reading this particularly tolerant and compassionate and get really upset around judgmental people? Don't you just hate judgmental people? Well....

Anyone around you particularly irritating? That's another little bit of you showing up.

Try this on. Anytime you experience irritation, annoyance, anger, frustration or whatever your favorite button is, try asking yourself "Where do I do the same thing?"

If you can't figure it out, ask your partner in work or life. But, be generous with them when they tell you.

Hats off to Tad and Adriana James. They run a truly professional and highly effective trainers training. After 15 years with some of the best of the best, I think this one tops the poll.