November 29, 2009

Being Unstoppable

Last weekend I had a great experience of being unstoppable.

I've been cultivating my vegetable garden. We have carrots, cucumbers, three kinds of lettuce, four kinds of tomatoes, various herbs, lemongrass, leeks, onions, garlic, Chinese cabbage, artichokes and baby beetroot.

Why is this such a big deal?

Because up until this year, I was clear I had a black thumb. My house was a death camp for plants. If plants could move, they'd run screaming from my home.

I remember when I was in university, I had a beautiful pot plant that ended up more or less a stick. With maybe one leaf. I brought it home to my mother and within two months it was a bushy plant.

That's when I realised my talents lay more with people.

It was one of those decisions we make that close our lives down just a little bit. In this case it was so insignificant I never bothered to give it much thought. Until last year.

I spend my days telling clients that anything is possible. In the face of the gaps and concerns they share with me, who I am for them is "You can do anything." Inside of that listening, they always achieve their goals.

Last year, I realised that if I were to hold onto any belief in my own life about limitations, even seemingly insignificant ones, that meant I really was: "Of course anything is possible for you. Just not me."

So, I went down to my local garden centre and invested in a starter kit. We created a worm farm and started fertilising soil. I had no idea what I was doing, made a lot of mistakes learning along the way, but it's paid off big time this year.

While it may seem like a little thing, for me it's right up there with the time we abseiled down the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon to raise money for Manly Hospital. Up until that day I had a huge fear of heights. But, there's something about hanging from a thin line 300 feet over the harbour that puts it all into perspective.

At least the garden's on the ground and we'll get to enjoy the fruits of our labours all year round, thanks to Sydney's glorious weather. Did I mention the lemons?

Sunday night we went to friends for dinner armed with a garden salad fresh from our backyard.

What "it's not possible for me" story do you have hanging around the back of your mind? Even one little one? Take it on. Even for the fun of it. There's an adventure waiting for you on the other side.

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