December 15, 2009

How Language Shapes our World

Where are you?

While this seems like a fairly innocuous question, the answer holds a world. In his keynote speech at the Neuroleadership Summit in Los Angeles, Werner Erhard, one of the great contributors to modern management thinking, challenged us to distinguish how language shapes our world.

The prevailing model of performance is: how something occurs for us is what it is. He is, she is, it is... We find evidence, gain agreement and that's how it is.

What if the world you live in, the people, situations and objects you encounter, are all just a function of your perceptions, given form through language?

What if the people around you all are who they are inside the clearing that you are?

How you experience yourself, your environment, your people, your circumstances is all up to how you choose to language them. I invite you to choose to something empowering.

So, if I ask: where are you? The general answer would be "here." Where am I? "There."

What if that entire experience of being separate from each other is just an occurrence? When Jill Bolte Taylor had a hemorrhage that shut down her left brain, she was left with an expansive experience of how completely connected we are all. What if that is really the truth?

We are all magnificent creatures of energy. Connected, related, perfect.

YOU are a magnificent creature of energy. Connected, related, perfect.

I wish you a moment of truly experiencing this.

See you in 2010.

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