January 18, 2010

A Matter of Importance

This is the time of year when we love to set up big games for ourselves. We take on being skinnier, fitter, richer, happier, more successful, more loved, healthier, more charitable, with more stuff to do and have.

Now, notice how some of those games are easy to achieve, while others never happen.

Ever wonder why?

Consider that it is all a function of what is most important to you. The areas of your life where your self-esteem is invested are where you spend the majority of your time and energy, and where you will ultimately be most successful.

Whatever goals you set that correspond to your highest values are the goals you will achieve no matter what. The goals linked to things that of less importance, most likely will be forgotten.

Great example. I hate the gym. I much prefer to spend an hour training in Karate then pushing silly machines. Except I did so much damage to my knees doing what I love that I can't do it anymore. Hence, the gym. I really struggled with it until I linked it to something that really matters to me.

Looking good and feeling great. Always.

I want to be one of those 80 year old grannies who runs around the world having adventures.

Once I figured that out, I simply created the gym as my resource to being healthy enough to do what I wanted. So, every gym morning that I struggle to get out the door, I remind myself of being a cool granny, and off I go.

So, before you set any new goals, get straight about what really matters to you. Then set goals around that. Forget about the ones that are important to others but not you. They'll just clutter your mind space unless you really are committed to achieving them.

If there is something you need to accomplish that you know should be important to you, link it to your highest values.

I promise you'll get more done and feel much better.