April 13, 2010

The other thing...

About the other thing....Integrity.

Not as a morality, but as a workability and being true to who you are.

Martial artists, and great leaders operate from a foundation of integrity that is so rock solid you can feel it when speaking to them. When they say something will happen, you know it will. They do too because they won't stop until it does.

Our sensei, or teacher, is one of the highest ranking Shotokan black belts in the world. Packed into his 5'6" frame is a mountain of integrity that is awe-inspiring to be around. People around him naturally confront their own gaps and rapidly fill them. There is no saying no.

He doesn't say anything about it. It's not a spoken part of the training. It is as much as part of the room as the walls and floor. There is a simple elegance to it because it's a no-excuse way to be in life.

That no-excuse commitment to integrity, to being the one who says I will do this and make this happen is tremendously powerful. It has you go out and achieve the unimaginable. You'll never be the same.

Try this on. No matter how accomplished you are, there is always the next level. Otherwise you've just built the box, are laying in it and waiting for someone to put the lid on.

Find something, anything, that you would like to do but think you can't. ANYTHING. For those of you saying, "Nah, I've done it or know I can." Get out of the box and find something. Find something that you think you can't do and do it. Keep at it until you succeed.

Your life will never be the same.

As a leader, you are the clearing for your people to think, act and be a certain way. You create the culture, the conversations and habits of your team or company.
What would your company be like if it were populated by people who no longer used the words try, can't and no?

Isn't it worth finding out?

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