April 7, 2010

Situational Awareness

One of the questions I've been getting about our upcoming class and training is "What is a Warrior Manager? Does this mean I have to hit someone?"

Good question and no, you don't.

Many people mistake martial arts as being purely a physical discipline. In fact, the physical aspect of martial arts is only the tangible manifestation of the mental training. This training is hugely valuable when applied to business, as it starts with a developing a high level of situational awareness.

Inside of being acutely aware of what's so, versus your concerns, stories and projections of what might be happening, you can be far more appropriately responsive with much less stress. Imagine that time when you were faced with a challenge that really freaked you out. Now, imagine being really clear, calm and focused when dealing with that challenge. You would have been far more powerful and effective.

I remember the first day I sparred with black belts when I just earned my brown. We had to move across the room towards our partner punching or kicking randomly as fast as we could. Then it was their turn going back. I was so frightened I nearly fell over myself. My opponent move so fast I could barely think!

As my situational awareness increased, I calmed down considerably and time seemed to stand still. When someone came at me, I was able to move with ease and grace in dealing with whatever they meted out. If I was aware of a conscious thought it usually was "I have all the time in the world to respond."

Before you go into any situation, take a moment and clear your mind of any negative thoughts or insecurities. Remember, they are just your opinion at that moment and not necessarily based on fact. Perception is projection and we can trick ourselves into believing anything we focus on. Just shift your focus on the positives.

Then, keep the positive thoughts. Focus on what is happening this moment. Give up any projections, uncertainties, predictions and focus on the now.

Notice how much clearer you are. Notice how much easier it is to respond effectively.

It's your first step to being a Warrior Manager.

We'll be discussing this and more on our free tele-class April 20 at 12noon. if you want to register, simply go to our website at http://www.thehpinstitute.com.

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