April 13, 2010

What is it about those guys?

As we were preparing for our teleseminar next week, I asked Paul "What is it about Martial Artists that is such a big deal? And what does it have to do with leadership?"

I probably shouldn't share that with you but I may not be the only one wondering.

Even if I think I know the answer, I like to question from a beginner's mind. I find it's a great way to get to another layer.

So, here are the two main themes we distinguished.

First thing about a martial artist is the sense of humility. I'm not talking about the people who train and use it to act tough, or the ones who are scared because they don't know what they're doing.

I mean a true martial artist. There's a story about a man who, when he earned his first level black belt, bowed. When he earned his second level, he bowed lower. And, when he earned his third level black belt, he bowed even lower.

That is the soul of the martial artist. You know the power you possess and the responsibility that goes with it. There's nothing to prove and nowhere to get to. You are who you are and are perfectly comfortable with your ability. Your goal is to surpass yourself. And you do. Then you raise the bar, knowing you are raising the bar.

Most people forget they've raised the bar so feel like they're constantly at the starting gate!

Martial artists have that combination of humility and quiet confidence because they experience and see wildly improbable achievements. Like watching a man jump over another person who was standing in front of him, with the same nonchalance as we might express walking around. Okay, his way was quicker.

Knowing yourself and what you can do, without false humility, is the first step towards gaining real power and being a great leader.

From there, you can let go of worrying about yourself and focus on others.

Fear, that's for the other guy.

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