October 14, 2010

Being Leader Full

The inspirational Chilean miners story is a great lesson in the value of investing in a leader-full team.

People above and below ground worked together to ensure the operation was successful. Former NASA astronauts and submariners were consulted on the effects of prolonged living in small enclosures. Other experts were called in to manage physical and mental well being.

The men set up living quarters and created a sense of social structure and order. They were given razors, clean clothes, cots to sleep on, etc., all of which were sent down a small bore hole and assembled below. Entertainment was tailored to bolster positive mental states. Notes from family members helped keep them connected to their world above.

What an inspirational story of human ingenuity! What can you learn from it?

The Chilean Miners story is an excellent reminder of what can go extremely right when teams engage in critical thinking, and when leaders invest in their people to bring out the best in them. Mountains of evidence prove the investment pays off many times over.

Act now! Don't wait until the mine collapses.

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