November 19, 2010

Can you juggle?

More from the Neuroleadership Summit - Malia Mason and Intentions:

We've all become master jugglers. Emails, phone calls, requests, demands, meetings...the list goes on of the daily balls we have hanging in the air. How do we do it?

The Zeigarnik effect is a phenomenon that explains how our short term memory is able to hold onto multiple items by keeping them as open intentions. So named after the Russion Psychologist who noticed that waiters could keep orders in their minds, only until the food was served. Open intentions enable us to keep a running to-do list in our minds and scan unconsciously for information to help us with them.

Problem is, these days we have literally hundreds of open intentions to juggle - so many that they become distracting and exhausting. What can you do?

Finding one unified system for downloading your intentions will help clear your mind, while enabling you to prioritise and focus on one thing at a time. With a visual list to work from, you can choose to tackle the most important items, the easy ones for quick wins or even the ones to let go of or delegate. Keep it simple and make it easy on yourself.

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