November 30, 2010

Who's listening?

I just received one of "those" random calls trying to sell me a service. He put me off straight away by mispronouncing my name. Then, he launched into a litany of the dangers of connecting to the internet through my computer. When I mentioned my live-in technical guru they promptly hung up before the word "husband" left my mouth.

The call had nothing to do with providing me with an essential service. It was about making a sale. I won't bother with the pitfalls of outsourcing telecall agencies that have no understanding of the local culture. I will make note of the context for his call. Sales, versus service. He had no understanding of the impact of his words on me, nor did he care.

Every word we say creates a world out there with whomever hears our message. It's an opportunity to make a positive contribution or damage a relationship. Choose your words with care.

Someone is listening.

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