February 15, 2011


One interesting question came up while addressing business leaders at CEDA today.

How long does it take to gain mastery? Days? Weeks? Months?

Yet, how long do most training programs last?

Leadership mastery is a lifelong journey of discovery with a commitment to excellence. Great masters are the first to say they've yet to achieve mastery, and pursue each new opportunity to learn with a beginner's mind. Open and ready to absorb.

It's the joy of the learning, versus the end that matters. 

Unspoken Communications

People know how you feel about them without you having to say a word. Try to deliver the world's funniest joke to someone who doesn't like you. Hard work, isn't it?

How about speaking to someone who thinks you're great? You could tell them the worst joke and they'd laugh.

Try relating to people around you as greater, stronger and more capable then they know themselves to be. Think of them as heroes in the making.

That's what great leaders do, why their people give 150% and their businesses excel.

February 14, 2011


And given that it's Valentine's day, I'll leave you with one more ... straight from the best leaders Australia has to offer.

Love your people. They make it all possible.

Speaking at CEDA

Tomorrow I'm addressing a group of business leaders at a boardroom lunch at CEDA, and sharing the results of my research into the source of leadership excellence. One of the questions we'll engage in is: "What can I learn from great leaders that I can apply to my own company?"

I'll start with my favourites:

It's not enough for you and your direct reports to be happy and thriving. Everyone must be operating at their best for your company to achieve its full potential.

We are always learning and growing. Those who aren't are just waiting to die.

Life's too short to waste it in a job you hate. Either find a way to love what you're doing, or go. Now.

More later...