March 30, 2011

Everyone Knows Me Too Well...

Ever think the people around you have a fixed opinion of who you are? Do you think this opinion is set in stone?

While consistency is a very important trait in a leader, it is not the foundational trait. A leader must, first and foremost, know who he is and be true to himself. Once you can find a way to let your personality, beliefs and goals shine through every action you take and conversation you have, you'll find yourself being consistent all the time, simply because you're being yourself!

Start your road to becoming a great leader by simply finding out who you are and trying to live in a way that compliments your goals, vision and mission. It might seems like a small step, but it can often be the most noticeable step to those around you. give them some time to get used to the "new" you (although you and I know this "new" you has really been you all along!) before doing anything else.

March 11, 2011

Taking the C

Only 14 years old, Jonah Shifrin is recognised as one of the leading cellists in New York City. He's a straight A student at one of the top schools and plays in the school orchestra. The policy at his school is that if a student misses one performance, it's an automatic fail for the year.

Recently, Jonah faced a dilemma. His sister's Bat Mitzvah was on the same Friday night as a concert. His teacher offered to downgrade his A to a C, not a fail, if he missed the performance. His sister fully understood if he chose to go to the concert and save his grade point average. Jonah also had a compelling opportunity to make a case for freedom of religion.

He chose to go to his sister's Bat Mitzvah and take the C. Quietly and with great dignity. Without argument and with the power of being at choice.

This became an opportunity to test his mettle and a preview of the true leader his is and is becoming.

I got to be the inspired aunt who was privileged to witness his incredible strength of character.
It's also going to be one hell of a great story for his university interview.

Make Sure There is More!

I managed to drag myself away from writing my book to attend a school function the other night and had a rude awakening. In response to my casual "How are you?" one parent said with a shrug, "Surviving."

Having spent the last two years researching, interviewing and writing about great leaders, I've been immersed in their world and forgotten not everyone thinks as they do. 

It also highlighted one big reason why they're so successful and why people are drawn to them. 

They're committed to living lives true to their soul. Not surviving another day. They continually take action in line with their commitment and KEEP GOING, until they succeed. Their passion and energy is inspirational to those who listen to their story.

If your response to that casual "How are you?" is "Surviving." Please, take action. Keep going until you can reply "GREAT!"