March 11, 2011

Make Sure There is More!

I managed to drag myself away from writing my book to attend a school function the other night and had a rude awakening. In response to my casual "How are you?" one parent said with a shrug, "Surviving."

Having spent the last two years researching, interviewing and writing about great leaders, I've been immersed in their world and forgotten not everyone thinks as they do. 

It also highlighted one big reason why they're so successful and why people are drawn to them. 

They're committed to living lives true to their soul. Not surviving another day. They continually take action in line with their commitment and KEEP GOING, until they succeed. Their passion and energy is inspirational to those who listen to their story.

If your response to that casual "How are you?" is "Surviving." Please, take action. Keep going until you can reply "GREAT!"

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