April 17, 2011

Allow me to explain

After some heated responses to my last blog on Gaddafi, I thought it required clarification.

Within the community of global violent despots,  Gaddafi has some inherent weakness that communicates he's an easy target for attack making him the recipient of violence that would never be leveled on the leaders of countries like China or Iran. We've witnesses many horrific acts of violence against innocent people in pretty much every country on this planet at one time or another. My question was: "Why him out of all of them?"

Like blood to sharks, in any community there often is one person singled out as the target of ill will.  Sometimes, like Gaddafi, they are misbehaving. Sometimes it's because they are also easy targets.

However, sometimes they are no better or worse than the people around them. They just somehow get more than their share of blame and less than their share of acknowledgement.

My invitation to you is to contemplate the people around you and notice if any of them fall into the possible category of scapegoat. 

Consider giving them a second chance. Maybe they really deserve it. Then again, maybe not.

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