April 5, 2011

Congruence = success

I love the word congruence. It addresses the source of personal and professional success without all the heaviness and significance that people associate with the word integrity. Also, as congruence is a word people rarely hear, there's an opportunity for them to be open to learning about what it can do for them.

Congruence means coming together, a state of harmony or agreement. In math, congruent figures are ones that have the same shape and size.

According to Encyclo, congruence is when a person's internal beliefs, strategies and behaviors are fully in agreement and oriented towards securing a desired outcome. When one's word, voice and body language give the same message.

In other words, if there is something you want to achieve, some goal, business plan, team or company strategy- whatever it is that you want to make happen- the source of that success is congruence. Ensuring your thoughts, values, ideals, ambitions, desires, actions, communications all line up to forward that goal.

Then, get your people to do the same. In their hearts, souls, minds and bodies. 

Make sure all communications, meetings, actions, conversations (casual and formal), strategies (individual and collective) all line up in support of that goal.

It will happen. Fast.

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