April 8, 2011

Just makes sense

Neuroscience and psychology have for some time now shown the link between performance and social connections–how they allow for healthy collaboration and smooth operation. 

A brain under threat focuses on personal survival, not effective professional action. When a significant portion of the enterprise population is operating in a threat state then the entire organisational health is also at risk. 

How many women in organisations feel under threat? What are the impacts to the operational capacity and competency of that organisation?

When leaders really appreciate how current behaviours are undermining effective operations, they may just start to take actions towards real change. As Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination, pointed out in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald, it's going to take a "deep cultural shift" for men to alter their attitudes towards women and to stop behaving badly.
More than a moral obligation to another human being, it just makes sense to ensure that everyone you lead is able and willing to perform at their best. Not just the chosen few. Each person represents a significant investment in time and energy to train them. 

Why would any leader sabotage their own operations?

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