May 27, 2011

Anyone Can

If you ever thought that leadership was only for the select few, this story will change your mind.

Lucia Kennedy is a 12-year old girl in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Just a kid.

Lucia believes that too many people leave their dreams unfulfilled. So she decided to set up a website for people to share their dreams. She's also raising money to fund a coaching and mentoring service for kids to help them fulfill their dreams.

Her website and charity is "Take a Chance On Your Dreams". Lucia designed and set this up all by herself, with no help from her parents.

In the moment that Lucia went from thinking of what she could do to taking action, she became a leader.

Anyone can be a leader, at any age, at any level of a company. They just need to say "I will make this happen."

If you're already a leader, how can you empower your people to take full ownership of the company's future?

If you're not yet a leader, what are you waiting for?

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