May 5, 2011

The essence of success in few words

Countless numbers of books have been written on how to succeed, but I think Catriona Noble, CEO of McDonald's, summed it up perfectly at the recent alumni event at the Australian School of Business

"Never give up. Whenever something happens, just put it into perspective and find a way forward."

More than our circumstances, talents or resources, it's our perspective on a situation that determines the outcome. If you think something is possible, you'll keep finding ways to make it happen.

Consider that one of the most complex and difficult things a human being learns to do is to walk. It requires a massive integration of motor, neurological and biological functions to shift from crawling to walking upright. 

Yet, aside from those who have physiological barriers, every one of us eventually learns to walk. We do so inside an environment of absolute certainty that will never be repeated in our lives. 

Imagine mapping that environment onto your next venture. What would happen if everyone around you assumed success- even the casual observers?

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