May 10, 2011

Find your genius

I just recently found an amazing book called "Born Genius" by Peter Barr. Over 15 years he formulated the ideas behind the thought that you must take a journey, real or imagined, to find your true self- which really is the source of discovering your own genius as a leader.

Find out what it is that you truly love to do, match that with your real talents (not the ones you limit yourself to, but the full expression of your true potential), use the combination in service of your life purpose and finally...find people willing to come along with you.

Then, take committed and continual action, with integrity, towards the success of that purpose and never give up. Ever. People live their entire lives in service of a purpose that may never be fulfilled in their lifetime. 

It's what kept Nelson Mandela alive when he was imprisoned for thirty years in South Africa. Look where it got him.

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