May 26, 2011

Why congruent leaders excel

When my book launches in a few months, you're going to hear a lot more about the importance of congruence in leadership.


Consider that those people whose values, interests and talents best match the work they do are more qualified, more willing to put in the extra effort and think more innovatively than those who are just going through the motions.

When we love what we do, our work seems effortless. We willingly exert more effort in learning how to be better at what we do and are more likely to spend our off hours coming up with new ideas.

When your people love what they do, they'll go the extra distance.

Great leaders are congruent to their companies. Who they are, what they do and why they excel has more to do with being the perfect fit for their role, than some innate special quality.

Think of something you love to do, and do really well. Notice the difference between your performance there, and where you have to do something you hate.

Enough said.

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