June 16, 2011

It's never just one little thing

That little extra bit around the waist or on your hips that just doesn't go away.

The one person on the team who isn't quite the best fit.

Those few items in the strategic plan that are a bit dubious.

One or two things in your relationships that aren't quite as good as you'd like them to be.

Those times when you tell yourself: "It's fine. I don't mind. It's not a big deal."

Those little things compromise your integrity. 

In small and large ways. Often, with more of an impact than you realise or want to know.

Just like the spokes of a bicycle wheel, those little areas in your life come together to form a complete whole. When one or more of those areas are compromised, you lose a sense of power, wholeness and ability to have your work and life be all they can be. 

More importantly, they stop you from being all you can be.

But, it's not a big deal. It's just one little thing...

Sure. Right.

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