August 19, 2011

Wake up Call For Leaders

The Towers Watson's 2010 Global Workforce Survey and the Leadership, Employment and Direction Survey both serve as a wake up call for leaders everywhere.

If you want to maintain a competitive advantage you must address the challenge of how to provide a working environment where people want to give their best.

Your people want to stay with you and build a career with your company. The research confirmed this.

They also need you to give them the training and development so they can give you all they've got.

However, they are frustrated about how to advance their career.

The bottom line is: leaders you need to step up your game.

How can you do this?

First off, make sure you're in the right place for your talents and interests. If your role isn't congruent for you—if it isn't where you really want to be and should be—you'll never be able to fulfil your full potential as a leader. We give our best efforts and pay the most attention to things we really care about.

Second, realise leadership is about leading people. Anyone wishing to advance in a leadership role needs to start building emotional intelligence, and people empowering and coaching skills immediately.

Leaders who aren't strong in those areas need to develop muscle there yesterday. Get a coach, get a mentor, get trained. Better yet, do all three. 

Get to know your people. Find out what's important to them and what they personally want to achieve. Then, find an authentic link between their individual aspirations and the company's overall goals. They'll give even more and stay with you as long as that link is there.

Last thing is let your people know why they are doing what they do. When people know that what they are doing matters, their own sense of self-worth rises.

Always remember, it's all about the people.

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