September 7, 2011

A journey of a thousand steps

Three and a half years ago I set out to answer a burning question I had which was "What is it about great leaders that sets them apart from the rest?"

This question had sat in the back of my mind for about 30 years as I've witnessed acts of leadership greatness and sadly, the opposite - terrible actions by leaders of entities large and small.

Wanting to capture leadership perspectives both in and outside the corporate mindset, I interviewed respected leaders around Australia from a variety of industries and company sizes. Those companies ranged from those as large as Woolworths and Rio Tinto, to The Australian Human Rights Commission, to well-known, smaller entities such as RedBalloon, through to smaller unknowns like Reef Ball Australia- all great organisations in their own right.

In listening to these people share their ideas, hearts and souls, I gained valuable insights into what it takes to be a great leader.

I'll be sharing those insights shortly in my new book, "True Leadership: The Source of Success", which is due out in October.

The book captures the essence of what makes these leaders so great. Amongst their many commonalities, all the men and women I interviewed are in a role and company that is the right match for their values, talents and interests. What they do, who they are and the work they engage in brings out the best in them.

Like any journey, this research has also had a profound impact on the work I deliver, the results of which are now outlined on our new website. I am proud to be launching the new Institute this week at

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