October 25, 2011

A Journey to Truth

As a leader, it is imperative that you ground yourself in your personal values and stay true to your talents and interests. It's what gives you power and purpose in your daily interactions internally and as a representative of your organisation. It also contributes to your own emotional maturity as a leader and adult.

However, some people aren't in any way connected to their truth so don't even know where to start to bring congruence to their work and life. That's okay. As long as you are interested in learning, here's how you can get there:

1. Ask questions. A good place to start is by asking yourself "What's important to me? What am I passionate about?" By engaging in a process of self-examination, you open the door to a new world and will begin to notice things that were previously hidden from your view.

2. Listen to your quiet voice. We all have a quiet voice in our mind that gives us clues to what we really want to do. Often, we get so busy in life that we don't take time to listen to that voice. However, it is in those quiet moments that we can find our answers. Take some time out, find a quiet place and listen.

3. Remember your childhood dreams. Many times our dreams are put on the back burner for a variety of reasons. But they may very well hold the clue to our future path. A trip down memory lane might just help you find some answers, or at least a direction.

4. Get a coach. Whether it is a colleague or paid professional, having an unbiased observer willing to help you move past your blind spots will shorten the process and enable you to discover some important strengths in yourself along the way. Coaches look for the best in you. In doing so they enable you to learn just how much greatness lies within.

5. Risk getting it wrong. There is one truth in life. You're going to die one day no matter what you do. Whether you live your life safe and small or take risks, fall down, get back up again and play. That journey you're taking will only end when you die and you're the only one to say what you get to do along the way.

Even if you make a mistake, it's unlikely to be fatal. Unless you're a matador.

6. Learn. We all make mistakes. It is an inevitable part of being human. We only fail when we fail to learn. So, take a chance, dare to fail but make sure you keep your eyes and mind open for the lessons. They're the real gold.

7. Take action. In Medieval times, opportunities were much more limited and most people had very little say in what they could do to occupy their time. Now we have virtually unlimited choice in professions. Who knows for how long you'll have this opportunity. Grab it. Try something, if it doesn't work out try again.

Just take the first step....

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