November 2, 2011

Why Use Alternatives to Traditional Publishing

I'm a lucky new author. Very few write their books with a fairy godmother waiting in the wings to help them publish it.

Most authors need agents, lawyers, advisers, as well as some inside contact (new authors especially) to get the attention of traditional publishers and secure a reasonable deal. It helps if you can juggle too.

However, when I asked Don Grover, CEO of Dymocks, to participate in my research on leadership excellence, he let me know about their up and coming assisted publishing venture and even offered to have my book be the first through their system; as long as I did a good job of writing it.

It has been an experience that could have come straight out of Steven Covey's book, The Speed of Trust. One handshake and a major source of headaches and stress was removed. I only had to focus on the quality of the book and the rest was taken care of.

Now, True Leadership The Source of Success is being printed as I write and I can finally call myself an author.

I'm also a true believer in the assisted publishing process. 

While there still may be a place for traditional publishing, they should beware. There's a few new sheriffs in town.

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