December 8, 2011

Being a True Leader

Just this week, I finally launched my book True Leadership – which is all about finding your source of success as a leader.

The book was spurred by a niggling question that’s plagued me (and others) for decades.

What is it about great leaders - why are those people so great?  That, as opposed to those with a leadership title, but lacking the important qualities of a leader? Was there some central commonality that could be universally applied to any industry, gender, or personality type?

After many in-depth interviews, the answer became abundantly clear.

Whilst each person has their own expression of leadership, ultimately at the source of those great leaders’ success – is congruence. While there are other qualities as well (as outlined in my book), it starts with being true to your self.

Being congruent, or true to their values, talents and interests, is the main source of their business and personal success.

Notice I said business AND personal success. Just in case you are reading this thinking you’re not a great leader or nowhere near the top of where you’d like to be.
Congruence or True Leadership, are not limited to CEOs in the corner office or for those in positions of power. It’s available to everyone – from the CEO of the world’s largest organisation to the coach of the local soccer team.

True Leadership is for anyone who says “it’s up to me”.

But as a True Leader, success is not about you personally (although personal success is likely to eminate from it) – True Leaders’ endeavours are much bigger than that.

True Leaders seek to give people memorable experiences, create better outcomes for communities, make the world more beautiful and workable, connect leaders, create opportunities for writers, for families and for communities. 

They do this from their heart and inspire others to join them.

Someone once said that the student asks how – but the master knows why. These leaders know why they’re doing what they’re doing and how to share that purpose.

If you can give your people, whoever your people might be, their why – they take ownership and become accountable.  And then, only then, do you have an enterprise beyond yourself.

At last I have a book that shows you how to instill that why in others and in so doing unlock the source of their (and your) success.

Thank you for joining me on my journey. 

Now let’s go change the world.

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