February 29, 2012

Monty Python Goes to Canberra

I don't think anyone's surprised to find that Edelman's 2012 Trust Barometer revealed that only 33% of Australians trust government to do what is right and 60% of Australians do not trust government leaders to tell the truth.

In their rush to tell us they're the better woman or man to run the government, political leaders like Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard appear to have forgotten that what's is really important to us is well...us.

Power is a demanding mistress that displaces great visions. From the recent diatribes coming out of the leaders, it is clear that their minds are focused less on what we need and more on securing their position in the pecking order. That's a huge warning signal to us all that leadership's thinking needs a reset.

The economic, financial and environmental challenges that have been seeded late last century still loom large and demand a higher order thinking from ourselves and our leaders if we as a country and a world are going to continue to move forward and thrive. We need global thinkers in positions of power to be able to see the bigger picture and think beyond their own personal political survival.

Maybe I'm being too harsh or demanding. Politicians after all are human, like the rest of us. Or maybe, our expectations of them are too high.

But if you look around the world at the mess that is still unfolding, it's fair to say that the thinking that's led to the actions that caused our current reality has been fatally flawed. If our leaders can't see this then it's up to us to demand of them that they pull their socks up and lift their thinking from their own narrow perspectives.

Their power demands it. We, the people of Australia need it.

Unfortunately, with a few minor alterations, this blog could just as easily apply to many other countries around the world.

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