May 10, 2012

A useful book on communcation

Conversations for Change: 12 Ways to Say it Right When it Matters Most 
 by Shawn Kent Hayashi.

Shawn introduces some highly useful and important ideas that contribute to effective communication – essential for building trust and buy-in from your people. It contains useful metaphors and concepts that any leader or manager will find highly relevant, practical and easy to implement.

Those ideas include:

Why emotional intelligence is so important in leadership - According to Izzy Justice “In the sequence of an experience emotions come first. Emotions are faster than thoughts. This means emotion trumps competencies, behaviour, and character unless we learn to be self-aware and channel our emotions consciously.”

Our “emotional wake” – Whenever we engage in a conversation or deliver a communication, we share information but also leave other people with an emotional experience. Being aware of the feeling you leave people with in communications leads to a more mindful interaction.

The importance of values – values hold the key to our motivation as individuals and is the glue holding professional relationships together. When our values match within an organisation, we experience success, satisfaction, joy and a sense of belonging. When there is a values conflict, we experience struggle as we fail to fit in. Your own values must match those of the group of organisation you work in.

It’s an interesting read – great for the long weekend.

Happy Holidays!