February 18, 2013

Never Overestimate (or underestimate) Your Importance

It's been an incredibly busy time for me and The Institute! 

Between leading workshops, creating new IP and traveling around the world, I managed to let five months slip by without blogging.

It wasn't until I had a call from someone asking if everything was okay that I realised people actually noticed whether or not I wrote. Ever so often I'll get an email from someone telling me that they send my posts around the office, but I still never thought about the impact of my writing.

It brought to mind the idea of how leaders in general never realise how important they are. Or, may think they are important, but in an egotistical way.

Power and money has a way of misleading people. It's easy to think that because you have the ability to influence people and cause things to happen that everything should go the way you say. That's not power, that's being spoiled. 

Consider that real power is when we can shift our focus away from daily survival and our own needs and think about how we can make a positive impact on others. 

That's the possibility and importance of power. 

Late last year I had the privilege of experiencing such power when I was asked to assist the Christensen Fund and United Nations University seed an initiative to bring large corporations together to support core institutions and change the nature of endowments to indigenous people. Despite spending three billion dollars or roughly $100,000 per man, woman and child, nothing has been able to make the kind of difference needed to help them move past the devastation of earlier policies and actions.

I saw how a small group of committed individuals could move large institutions to realise they need to change course. Already conversations are starting which will lead to action and change. Watch this space for updates.

While this year is well and truly under way, I urge you nonetheless to stop and consider how you can raise your own importance this year and what contribution you can make to the world. if you think you need money in your pockets, consider Mother Theresa. She never lived in a mansion, drove the latest Mercedes or wore Louis Vuitton. But the world will experience the benefits of her actions for generations to come.

That important.


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