March 19, 2014

Relationships Still Rule

It's been an incredible year. 

Between launching our AXIS Neuroperformance Profile©, traveling around the country delivering leadership workshops and coaching as part of the Executive coaching panel for the NSW government, I've had little head space to blog.

But recent events led to a story turning around in my head that I thought was worth sharing.

On the way to the airport after a day of training, I noticed that the client had booked me on a rather late flight. At the Qantas customer service desk though, the agent didn't even blink when he put me on an earlier flight, in the exact seat I needed. While this in itself seems inconsequential, his parting remark was interesting. "Even though your ticket didn't allow for changes, you looked tired and ready to go home." 

Racing to the flight, I was one of the last to board. As I reached for a complimentary Financial Review, I realised the kiosk was empty. Noticing my disappointment, Skye, one of the crew members suggested I look at another gate. I didn't think I had time so boarded. 

Just as we were about to take off, Skye appeared with the newspaper, affording me a rare luxury of simply sitting and reading a paper cover-to-cover. Even with all the current issues Qantas crew still manage to put their heart into their work.

These small, easy to execute actions made a difference in my quality of life at the end of a long day, cost the company little or nothing and left me with a strong and positive relationship to that brand. It's a lesson in customer service that many companies are forgetting.

We are social beings who need connection with each other as much as we need oxygen to breathe. It is in the small nuances of customer service that brand loyalty is nurtured and is the heart of organisational performance and success. 

What are the small wins you can create for your customers and stakeholders? How can you build greater connection to your brand both internally and externally? What if you treat staff as customers? How could you improve their experience with your brand?

Look for small ways you can all benefit and watch how quickly it affects performance.