April 29, 2014

The Power of Belief

Faith is a tough subject to bring up. Mainly because people who believe don't need to hear the message. Those who need to learn about the power of faith most likely will struggle with their own lack of belief in something intangible.

But I think I have a way to counter scepticism.

While there is the intangible aspects of the power of faith, there is also the simple truth that people who believe take actions that they might otherwise not consider. Often, these actions are unconscious small steps towards our goal that we take for granted. Or dismiss as unimportant.

But, it is the small steps and the belief in ourself and others that invite confidence to take bigger steps and keep in action. Many journeys include challenges and triumphs - times when the goal seems too far away or the actions too hard to take. It is in our belief, our faith, despite the lack of tangible validation, that keeps us moving forward.

As leaders, that faith in others is critical for them to push past their own concerns or lack of confidence. It's critical for you to notice their small accomplishments and actions, help bring it to their conscious awareness and coach them to build on those steps.

There is nothing woo woo in that.

One last piece of the faith puzzle is that your actions need to be congruent to your values, talents and interests. That's where you'll find success and be able to express your unique genius. Then faith will help you keep going until it is fully expressed.

Enjoy the journey.

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