July 9, 2014

Congruence brings out genius

As member of the NSW Government Executive Coaching Panel,  I've been assessing and coaching senior executives across all government departments, assisting them to better service the people of our state. It's been a real privilege in so many ways.

At a recent workshop with senior leaders from the Maritime and Transport Authority I had another take on what that privilege really means and how the public's view of government workers can be so far from the reality. They also reminded me of how important it is to find our place in life as it brings out our natural genius within.

In clarifying their core purpose people really expressed their passion and commitment to make a difference as individuals and as a group. What really shone through was their creativity in helping make the government work better for people.  It was a perfect example of congruence in action and how talent is ignited when people work at something that's a natural fit for their values, talents and interests.

They showed me that even life jackets can be interesting as you find a creative way to engage people in using them to make boating safer. That even the small things we take for granted, like the fact that we no longer need stickers for our rego, are the result of someone caring about saving us time, effort and money. Their work is about small and large changes that make government more effective and efficient, and our lives safer and easier.

It's given me rare glimpse into a the world of unsung heroes that are one of thousands working for us who really do see public service as a privilege and an opportunity to serve and who are excited, engaged and committed. Very cool.

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