September 24, 2014

Standing Still to Move Forward

We're running, always running somewhere to do something to get somewhere.

It's in our nature and woven into the fabric of our life.

But, we can be so busy handling the now, that the future never gets a moment's time.

Years ago, I was walking in the Berkshires of Massachusetts amongst the trees and had to stop. The stillness called to me to just listen to the wind through the trees and let my mind quiet down to nothing. I enjoyed that walk more than any other in a long time - being present to and appreciating the moment and nothing more.

Ironically, that's when the pieces of AXIS came together which are now the AXIS Neuroperformance Profile©.

In that moment of stillness, my mind could pull together disparate bits of ideas to gel into one that has become the future of my work.

In allowing my mind to be still, it could do what the mind does best when given space. It can create.

That's often when and where the best strategies and most innovative and creative thinking begins. Not at a desk, looking at a screen.

Get to the trees, the water, a park or anywhere where you can just stop and be still.

Sometimes stopping is the best way to move forward.

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