October 28, 2014

It's the size of your voice

The energy in the room at the 100 Women of Influence awards dinner last night was extraordinary, infecting and inspiring all of us.

I came in support of Henrietta Marrie, nominated for her influence of public policy through the United Nations. Henrietta has been an inspiration to me for her commitment to indigenous people building an economically independent future and a culture of leadership and success.

From the conversations on and off the stage, what hit me was the power of people's voices. Not the actual sounds coming out of their mouths, but their commitment  - expressed in a few words that tells the world what they are working to make happen. 

It's our voice, more than our abilities or intelligence, that determines how big an impact we can make. It's also how we view ourselves - the self talk we talk about our ability to be heard that can either limit or expand the difference we make.

In listening to Liz Broderick, overall 2014 Woman of Influence, what came through was how strong her voice is and how proud she is to shout it out loud. 

Liz's first words were "I have the best job in the world!" Then proceeded to share with us her commitment to women in leadership and gender equality. Her voice has become global in size, as her influence expands to match it.

More than simply being inspired, through listening to Liz, we all had the opportunity to see how we can express our own voice, be heard and make a difference.

It's what separates the leaders and those who do from those who simply dream. 

We all have within us a virtually unlimited potential to achieve. Of course that doesn't mean you're going to fly to the moon tomorrow, but it does mean that you can find within yourself what it is that you're here on this planet to contribute and then go make that happen. 

It doesn't guarantee an easy life, but it is a lot more interesting than trying to stay safe or satisfy petty desires and materialistic wants. 

Consider that the limit of your influence starts with how large and loud you are willing to have your voice be, and how much you believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference. 

The 100 Women of Influence, like Henrietta and Liz all have concerns, challenges and fears like everyone else. They stand out because they are willing to put that all aside and speak their voice, then take action to bring it to life.

I've been committed to and working towards empowering leaders and managers to build cultures of joy and excellence for years. Now through AXIS I have a vehicle to expand that future even more. 

You're going to be hearing a lot of shouting from now on...



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